postheadericon Bishop Larry Silva's Pastoral Visit



The St. Jude Community will welcome Bishop Larry Silva to St. Jude Church

as he makes his Pastoral Visit on December 5-6, 2015.


There will be a Town Hall Meeting after the 11am Mass on Sunday, the 6th.

Parishioners are encouraged to come and meet Bishop Larry Silva and bring

any questions or concerns that you may have in regards to St. Jude.




updated November 13, 2015


postheadericon St. Jude's Feast Day Letter from the Bishop



postheadericon Update Letter From Fr. Khanh



September 14, 2015


Dear Parishioner:

This letter is to keep you informed of our progress, and once again seek your feedback as we

begin the process of bringing St. Jude Parish into its next phase -- a permanent home at Leihano

in Kapolei - capable of serving all the needs of our Catholic community for many generations to


As we announced in October 2014, our parish is officially the owner of an extremely desirable

11-acre site at Leihano, which is conveniently located along Ft. Barrette road, across from

Kapolei Regional Park. Many of you participated in our surveys that asked you what elements of

the new parish Church and campus were most important to you. Among the things most often

requested were greater capacity and a more worshipful atmosphere in the church itself,

classroom space for religious education, a community hall for events and easier access, along

with a greater capacity for parking.

I am pleased to announce that all of those things will be included in the first phase of the new

property at Leihano. Our team of architects has begun drafting site and design plans, and have

assured us that many of the things you have requested are possible on the new site. It can be built

at a cost that will be reasonable and achievable.

Our collaboration with the architects has included your input on the surveys and two meetings

involving about 70 parish leaders and volunteers who are focused on the following areas:

Worship, Faith Formation, Site Plan, Fellowship and Administration. There is a committee

chairperson for each of those areas who is responsible for sharing information with the rest of the

parish and gathering feedback as we move forward.

During meetings held in June and July of 2015, these members gave the architects a tremendous

amount of critical and constructive feedback about some of their initial concepts. I am pleased

that these professionals, who have much experience in the process of planning, designing, and

building Catholic Church properties, were extremely open and sensitive to the concerns that are

specific to our parish family. I am looking forward to what they present next.

I believe very strongly that you and your family are essential to the success of St. Jude as we

move into possibly the most important phase of our parish history -- the establishment of our

permanent home. This will be the church of our children and grandchildren and their children

and grandchildren and with God's help and guidance we will do right by them.

That's why I want to make sure that all of you believe in what we are doing – and pray that will

happen through continued communication and sharing our excitement and our concerns with all

of our parishioners. At every stage you can be certain that we will share with you what your

parish leadership is doing and be open to your questions and feedbacks. You will see firm

evidence of this as we reach out with electronic, written and personal communication (for now

you can use the form below, or at the back of the Church). Please take advantage of these

opportunities to be part of a great enterprise. We want you to feel in your heart that this great

community endeavor is also part of your own personal and spiritual growth as a disciple of our

Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless You, Mahalo and Aloha,

Fr. Khanh Hoang




postheadericon New Carpet gives St. Jude a fresh look

 In the middle of August St. Jude got a much needed face lift.

Thanks to the work of many hands we were able to  finally re-carpet the Church, Multi-purpose room, The Blessed Sacrament Chapel and the Offices.  It took a lot of coordinating and organizing, but in true St. Jude style,  we all came together to get the job done!

Our new carpet beautifully defines our worship area and brightens up the room.  A big mahalo to the Building Committee for overseeing the project and to the Knights of Columbus for assisting with man-power to get the job done.


postheadericon 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament - August, 2015

sml golf swing.png


On Friday, August 14th, 113 golfers, both men and women participated in our 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament at the Coral Creek Golf Course in Ewa Beach.

Many hands contributed to the success of this event and we wanted to extend our deepest Mahalo to you for your gifts of time, treasure and talents.

Because of you, $19,170.00 will help St. Jude's Food Pantry feed the poor and homeless.

Thank you all for your support and a special Mahalo to the TGFG coordinators for your care and dedication.

God Bless you all for continuing the work of Christ.



Updated September 2, 2015


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