postheadericon Columbarium Survey Results

Catholic Management Services worked with six parishes who participated in the survey in regards to a parish columbaria program.

There appears to be a significant interest and opportunity to provide cremation interment at the pilot parishes.

This demand is sufficient to establish and staff a diocesan department, which could later expand the cremation offerings to all parishes. 

There is more significant demand for full body burial than expected. 


St. Jude results: (survey taken in October 2016)

o   Roughly half of parishioners have no plans at all.

o   A similar portion feel ill-informed about end-of-life arrangements.

o   A surprising number are still considering burial options – 60%.

o   96% stated that they would like to use the parish church for their Vigil or Funeral Mass.

o   There was overwhelming support for options within the grounds of the church – 88%.

o   There was also a significant interest in memorializing other family members who were interred elsewhere – 70%.

o   Families would like to receive more information either by a parish presentation or by mail.

o   Results confirm that financial issues are not a significant motivation.  


postheadericon Lent 2017




  8am - Mass/Ashes
  5pm - Ashes distributed (no Mass)
  7pm - Mass/Ashes


 Weekly, Starting March 3rd
 7pm - Friday evenings

postheadericon Lenten Regulations

 Diocese of Honolulu 2017 Lenten Regulations



In the dioceses in the United States, Catholics aged 18 through 59 are bound to fast on both Ash Wednesday (March 1st) and Good Friday (April 14th). 

¨ To fast means to consume one full meal a day at most, although taking of other, smaller quantities of food at the other customary mealtimes is permitted.  Food and drink between meals (excepting water and medicine) is not permitted on fast days.



¨ Catholics aged 14 and up are to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, all Fridays of Lent, and Good Friday.

¨ To abstain means refraining from eating beef, veal, pork, or poultry at least, although eggs and milk products are acceptable.  The consumption of fish and shellfish is permitted, though the penitential character of the abstinence should be kept in mind.



All the faithful, after they have been initiated into the Most Holy Eucharist, are bound by the obligation of receiving Communion at least once a year.  This precept is to be fulfilled during the Easter Season unless it is fulfilled, for a just cause, at some other time during the year.  This period is extended to include all the weeks of Lent and the Easter Season up to Trinity Sunday (June 11th).



The faithful are encouraged during Lent to attend daily Mass, receive Holy Communion, participate in penance services, and receive sacramental absolution; to take part in public and private exercises of piety, give generously to works of religion and charity, perform acts of kindness toward the sick, aged, and the poor; to practice voluntary self-denial, especially regarding food, drink, and worldly amusements; and to pray more fervently, particularly for the intentions of the Holy Father.


Chancery Office „1184 Bishop Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813„Office (808) 585-3342  




postheadericon Capital Campaign Update


As of October 31, 2016

  • Total pledged: $3,535,263.00

  • Amount Collected: $717,381.00


 Thank you for your commitment to the Building Hope & Community for Generations campaign!  Your support is very important!  The efforts that we make together will contribute toward the mission of our parish for generations to come.


Last Updated (Friday, 20 January 2017 13:51)


postheadericon St. Jude on "Hawaii News Now-Sunrise"

 Tuesday, March 15, 2016 12:00 pm


St Jude's very own Father Khanh was interviewed along with

Parish Council member John Faurot, on "Hawaii News Now - Sunrise"

 hnn logo.png

 click here for the story on Hawaii News Now 

Steve Uyehara conducted the interview, which focused on St. Jude's campaign

to build a new church and its role within the broader community of West Oahu

amidst rapid regional economic growth.


Father Khanh shared the success of the congregation phase of our campaign

through the blessisngs and generosity of you, our parish.  The initial $3 million

goal for the parish was exceeded this weekend, as you participated in

"Commitment Weekend."  While hundreds of pledges are still being processed,

preliminary results indicate at least 107% of our initial target was raised.


Early estimates also indicate that nearly $1 million was raised by the

conclusion of Sunday's 5pm Mass, with over 100 additional families

still praying over their support.


By announcing the campaign on "Hawaii News Now", we are raising our sight in

terms of broader community suport and continue to welcome pledges and

donations from parishioners and members of the broader community.


We have many goals we hope to achieve on our road to Leihano.  

Click here to pledge your support:



On behalf of Father Khanh and the legion of devoted campaign volunteers, we

are so humbled by your outpouring of blessings and generosity this weekend.

Mahalo nui loa for your demonstration of faith, stewardship, and hope

for our next generations.


Stay tuned for final Commitment Weekend results and photos

to be posted here as soon as they are available!

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